Your Microwave isn't working?

If your microwave isn’t working, don’t throw it out! Give the microwave repair experts a call! We offer same day microwave repair in Toronto and our other service areas. Our technicians repair countertop, drawer, built-in and integrated range hood models and all brands.

The microwave oven has made a huge impact on the daily lives of billions of people. Whether used to cook or reheat food, heat water for your favourite beverage, melt chocolate for your ice cream, or just as a digital timer, when it’s not working, cooking takes longer!

Think that the price for microwave repair will be more than a new microwave? Worry not, just ask us for a quote! The microwave repair cost may be less than a new model, and it may last longer too. We offer same day service, and we’ll work around your schedule, so give our friendly service reps a call today!

As an added incentive and to provide even more value for your dollar, we offer extra savings coupons for first-time customers, repeat customers, senior customers and referrals. Ask our friendly customer service representative how you can obtain additional savings.

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