Types of Gas or Electric Ovens We Repair

Our field workers are licensed gas fitters with recent and updated Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) certificates.

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If you want to get rid of any technical issue you are struggling with, no matter of what type, brand and model your household appliance is, you are to apply to the professionals. If your time and nerves are precious for you, you are to apply to the professionals as well. It implies you are to apply to us, the professionals, the leaders at appliance repair service market in Toronto and the GTA. There is no known better technical solution.

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    Factory Certified

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    TSSA Gas Contractor

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    Complete Warranty

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Common Oven Errors

These are typical issues our clients encounter with.

  • The oven won’t turn on.
  • Oven temperature set is incorrect.
  • The gas burner won’t heat.
  • The oven is not closing properly.
  • The interior lights are out.
  • The self-cleaning function is out of order.
  • There is the gas smell.

Same-day Oven Repair Service

Usually all technical breakages happen unexpectedly. And in case, the breakage did happen, what a relief to realize that you can call the reliable team of professionals the same day! They are those who will rescue you from the danger to get left with the faulty household appliance. Call us just right now, and get the professional appliance service straight away! Even though it is night-time outside. We are always up to serve you.

Appliance technician

What can be done on your own – FAQ

Make sure that the problem with the power outage is excluded. Detach burner grate, burner cap and burner base. Using a toothpick remove any accumulated debris out of the burner, its cap and base.

Check the temperature sensor with the help of the multi-meter. If there is no continuity, you are to replace the temperature sensor.

Sometimes light bulbs can burn out. Detach the bulb cover, having turned it counterclockwise. Remove the old burnt bulb. Install the new bulb of the same model and size.

Make sure the self-cleaning cycle has been set correctly. Check the timers and buttons. Inspect the interior of the oven – there might be piles of ashes that can cause the malfunctioning of the oven. Remove any ash or debris.

If you apply fan settings, reduce temperature a bit. The fan hastens the process of cooking, therefore decrease of temperature can be a solution of the problem.

The first thing what you have to do is to inspect the socket and the fuse. Unplug your oven and plug it into another rosette. This easy and simple manipulation can solve the issue.

If your Jenn-Air oven bakes unevenly, the defective bake element can be the reason. In case the bake element doesn’t function, the broil element takes the role of the heater. The result – the cake is baked unevenly. Make sure it is not damaged. Afterwards inspect the bake element for its continuity using the multi-meter. Replace the bake element if there is no continuity.

What can you do if the door of your Bosch oven is not closing? Make sure the seals and hinges are not damaged or blocked with debris/clog. In any case we suggest the regular cleaning of the door including seals and hinges having used the soapy water and the stiff sponge.

If your GE oven is not turning off, we recommend inspecting the relay board. This part consists of several relays which are designed to control the supply of the power to the heating element. If one of the relays is out of order, the relay board is beyond repair – replace it.

Don’t get upset if you have noticed that the self-cleaning of your Whirlpool oven is not functioning properly. It is most likely that the door lock motor and switch assembly are damaged. To open the oven door, you should remove some screws or panels, that is up to the oven model. Follow manual’s instructions of your Whirlpool oven.   

IF your cake needs hours to get baked, it means your Miele oven has issues with its heating system. Inspect the thermal fuse that can cause such a problem. If the fuse is damaged or blown, you have to replace it. Otherwise, check its continuity using the multi-meter. Replace it, if the thermal fuse doesn’t have a continuity.  

Dealing with the malfunctioning broiler in your Thermador oven, you should inspect the wires which are located near the heating element or igniter. Make sure they are not burnt out that is obvious visually. Burnt wires need to be replaced according to the instructions of your Thermador oven’s manual.