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    TSSA Gas Contractor

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    Complete Warranty

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Bosch Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repair is a certified Bosch repair service company that provides Bosch home appliance repairs on the high professional level.

Due to the specific training programs held by Bosch, we constantly develop our professional skills and, thus, are able to repair all kinds of Bosch breakages.

Our company has certified spare parts for all types of Bosch household appliances:

  • refrigerators,
  • dishwashing machines,
  • stoves,
  • ovens,
  • microwaves,
  • air-conditioners,
  • washing machines,
  • drying machines, etc.

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Bosch Repair Center

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Maintenance Tips

Attention! Before doing the cleaning, unplug your dishwashing machine!

How to clean the dishwashing machine:

  • Donโ€™t overload your washing machine. If the washing is overloaded, it can cause damage to the belt, the motor, or any other moving part. Overloading can be one of the reasons why your washer doesnโ€™t turn off.
  • Clean the filter of your dishwasher at least once per 2-3 months. Remove the lower rack of the dishwasher and pull out the filter to be cleaned. You can apply the vacuum cleaner to ease the procedure. Such a regular cleaning of the filter will keep the dishes always clean and shining.
  • Donโ€™t slam the doors of any home appliance. If you keep slamming the door of your washer, refrigerator, microwave whatever, there are all chances to damage the lid (door switch) or weaken the door seals. Try to open and close the door gently.
  • Keep the igniter of the stove burner clean. If the igniter is clogged with the food spills, it wonโ€™t function properly. Use the toothbrush to clean the burner and its igniter from any accumulated debris.


My Bosch fridge stopped cooling. What should be done?

The poor cooling can be caused by the dirty and clogged coils. They are typically located behind or under the refrigerator. Unclog and clean them.

The water is not draining in my Bosch washer.

Inspect the hoses. They can be kinked. You just have to straighten them and let the water in.

My Bosch dishwashing machine is overflowing.

One of the most common reasons for this problem is too much cleanser or the wrong type cleanser has been used. Before using the dishwashing detergent, follow its instructions.

Part replacement the same day

Are you still thinking the delivery of the spare part takes days or weeks? We deliver the certified Bosch parts even the same day. It means that our technicians come to your place by vans already equipped with the required spare parts. Your malfunctioning appliance can be repaired right away!

Types of Bosch appliances we repair

We provide Bosch appliance repair services of all types and models:

  • Bosch fridges and freezers: Side by Side, French Door, Bottom Freezer, Single Door
  • Bosch washing machines: Front loading, Top loading
  • Bosch drying machines: Heat pump, Condenser tumble
  • Bosch dishwashing machines: Freestanding, Built-in, Compact
  • Bosch microwaves and ovens: Over-the-Range microwaves, Built-in microwaves, Drawer microwaves, Speed ovens, Built-in ovens, Built-in compact ovens
  • Bosch cooktops: Vented, Induction, Gas, Electric, Ceramic

Bosch Brand

The German engineering and technology company Bosch has a long successful history. It was set in far 1886 not far away from Stuttgart in Gerlingen, Germany.

For now, with its 445 subsidiaries and regional enterprises, Bosch is manufacturing different kinds of household appliances, electronics, automotive parts, power tools, security systems in 60 countries all over the world.

Common Bosch appliance issues

Skilled and certified experts of Appliance Repair are trained and experienced enough to conduct Bosch appliances repair services of any complexity.

  • The drying machine is not turning on.
  • The washing machine is water leaking.
  • The microwave plate is not rotating.
  • The oven bulb is not lightning.
  • The dishwashing machine is not filling with water.
  • The stove burner is not heating.

What We Do

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